When science and game do only one!

Polarity is much more than just a Game: It truly is a unique and incredible experience! You won’t believe your eyes as you watch magnetic forces enabling play disks, in face up positions, to gently float or lean in mid air!

To win, a player must use skill and strategy to cause the faults of his opponents. The magic of
Polarity is to enable all players young or old, experienced or inexperienced to feel and see the wonders of this remarkable game of magnets.

2 to 4 players, ages 7 and up. Game length: 20 mn


Contents: 1 cloth board, 53 discs, 1 travel bag, the rules.


The box

A game in progress

How to place a disc

The "Gordon shot" in 3D

The real "Gordon shot"

A "Gordon shot" with 7 pawns !

One pawn floating

Two pawns in balance

An overall view

52 pawns with 12 basic discs
(top sight)

52 pawns with 15 basic discs
(top sight)

52 pawns with 15 basic discs
(low-angled sight)
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Multilingual rules of Polarity (453 ko)